Fly Fishing Information

We have created this informational page designed to help you plan and prepare for your upcoming fly fishing trip with us. After looking through this information, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Where’s Kremmling?

The easiest way to find us, is to first locate Kremmling, Colorado. Kremmling is located at the intersection of highway 40 and highway 9. From Denver, take interstate 70 west to the Dillon/Silverthorne exit. Go north on highway 9 about 38 miles, you’ll run right into Kremmling. From Steamboat take highway 40 east about 53 miles, you’ll run right into Kremmling. From the Vail area you have 2 options-One is to take Interstate 70 east to the Silverthorne/Dillon exit, and then north on highway 9 about 38 miles into Kremmling. The other (which is shorter, but does involve driving on a gravel road for several miles) is to go west on Interstate 70 to the Wolcott exit (about 11 miles west of Edwards). Take highway 131 north towards Steamboat about 15 miles to a small town called State Bridge. Right before State Bridge, you will cross the Colorado River, immediately after crossing the Colorado River turn right on to the Trough Road, and now you’re headed towards Kremmling. The Trough road is an improved gravel road for about 27 miles, it runs into highway 9, turn left on 9 about 1.5 mile into Kremmling.

From the Winter Park area take highway 40 west through Granby and Hot Sulphur Springs, then through the small town of Parshall, from Parshall it is about 11 miles west on highway 40 to Kremmling.

Payment Options…

We accept Visa, Mastercard and cash as payment for balances due on all of our trips and merchandise. We can gladly add any gratuity you’d like to give the guide staff on the credit card for your convenience.

Required Fishing License…

Any person 16 years and older is required to have a valid Colorado fishing license. For residents an annual license is $26.00, or a one day license is $5.00

A non-resident annual fishing licenses is $56.00, non-resident 5 day license is $21.00, and a one day non-resident license is $9.00

In addition to the above fees, a required $5 habitat stamp fee may also apply.

  • Licenses can be purchased at several locations throughout Colorado -
  • Division of Wildlife offices
  • Walmart
  • Sportsman Warehouse
  • Bass Pro
  • Sporting good stores
  • Many gas and convenience stores
  • Licenses can also be purchased ahead of time online.


It is customary to tip a guide in the fly fishing profession. The amount of the tip is entirely up to the angler, and is always appreciated by the guide staff. The amount of the gratuity varies, but is typically 15-30% of the cost of the trip. The tips can be given directly to the guide staff, or added to the credit card fees when payment for the trip is made.

Replica Taxidermy Mounts…

Many of our anglers land the largest trout of their careers with us, and want to have the trout mounted to display in their home or office. As we practice catch and release, its not possible to have the trout mounted with traditional taxidermy, however we have a relationship with a great artist who can create an exact replica of your Trophy trout. We can provide details on this great option if you are interested!

Stream Side Lunch…

All of our guided day trips include a hearty lunch and beverages. Beverages generally include lots of ice cold bottled water, soda and canned teas. We do not provide alcoholic beverages, but can put them on ice for you if you bring them along. Half day trips include beverages only, no meals.

Taking Care of the Trout…

Our greatest resource is our trout, so we do all we can to keep them healthy. We practice catch and release on all of our waters, and make it a priority to return all fish to the water as quickly as possible. Our guide staff will review the following with you on the water, but please take a minute to review the best way to properly land and release a trout-

  • What to do...
  • Land the fish as quickly as possible.
  • If possible, leave the fish in the water and unhook it without touching it, use your hemostats or pliers to remove the hook.
  • If you have to handle the fish, make sure your hands are wet.
  • Gently hold the fish with two wet hands and get it back into the water as soon as possible.
  • In a stream or river, point the trout into the current while it breathes.
  • Gently support the trout in the current until it swims out of your hands.
  • What not to do...
  • Squeeze the trout.
  • Toss or throw the trout back into the water.
  • Touch or put you hands or fingers on or near the gills.
  • Allow the trout to flop around on the ground.

Following these simple steps will help keep the trout healthy and ensure the quality of our fishery. We also emphasize the importance of using barbless hooks to facilitate the release of trout and to minimize stress.

On rare occasions your guide may stop fishing due to severe high water temps. Once the water temperatures cool down, fishing can continue.

Dealing with Mountain Weather…

The weather in Colorado is in a constant state of change, so we hope for the best and plan for the worst. Please be advised that you may lose sometime during the day ducking a thunderstorm, heavy rains, or waiting out a heat wave. Its just the way it is.

  • Just a couple simple rules…
  • Fly fishing only
  • No pets
  • Leave the gates as you find them
  • No littering
  • Have a great time and enjoy!
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