Troublesome Creek Membership

We are pleased to offer limited annual fly fishing memberships on these private Ranches. Our club is designed to offer our members the opportunity to enjoy excellent fly fishing, in a private and uncrowded setting. The membership allows for family and guest use, with limitations to maintain the quality experience our members deserve and expect. It is important for our guests to understand our management program, and to help us maintain it. We also ask that our members realize that this is a working cattle Ranch, and that many of our policies are in place to protect the Ranching operation. The club will be established on the simple premise that we have quality people taking care of and enjoying a quality resource.

Memberships will be $3,400, and will be valid for one year from the date of purchase. All members will have the first right to continue their membership for following years. Unlimited use by all members of the immediate family is included in the membership. The club recognizes the immediate family as spouse, children under 18 and college students currently enrolled in school. Each membership will allow up to three guests to fish the property when accompanied by a member at no fee. If the member has guest use in excess of the three guest days included in the membership, guest fees of $100 per guest per day will be required. All guests must be accompanied by a member, and members are limited to three guests per day. No fees will be charged for anyone under the age of 16.

All fishing will be flyfishing only, catch and release. Members and guests should take great care to ensure that all fish are returned to the water as quickly as possible, and in good condition. The property has been divided into the upper, middle, and lower sections. A weekly rotation of these sections will be made available for the exclusive use of our members. Members also have use of our private Hidden Valley Lake. Please make sure you check the rotation schedule prior to fishing the property. Access points, and parking areas have been defined and need to be utilized.

Members are encouraged to use and enjoy this opportunity. We also ask that our members help protect this resource by monitoring the activities taking place on the property. A detailed list of the clubs policies will be provided, and all members will be expected to abide by these guidelines or forfeit their membership.

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