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Troublesome Creek

The centerpiece of our private water is Troublesome Creek. The Troublesome is a tributary of the Colorado River, and begins high along the Continental Divide where it flows down into the River east of Kremmling, CO. At first glance the stream may appear on the small side, but it holds some big opportunities. Anglers who have fly fished this great stretch of the Troublesome consistently rank it is one of the best trout waters they have ever experienced. With nearly four miles of our intensely managed private fishing, it is easy to see why the Troublesome Creek is so popular among today's most discriminating fly fishermen. The diversity is really what sets the stream apart from the rest, as anglers have the opportunity to test their skills in a number of different fishing situations, against a mix of the most formidable trout ever assembled. The stream has lots of different “looks” and a great mix of water, including deep pools and holes, long rifle stretches and undercut banks. The Troublesome is home to a great mix of both size and species of trout. A day on the stream provides you the opportunity at rainbows, browns, brookies, cutthroats and cuttbows. Most trout are in the 16-20" range, but it is not uncommon for our anglers to land the fish of a lifetime here, some going over the 10 pound mark!

Hidden Valley Lake

A lake situated in the high mountain desert, nestled among rolling hills covered in sagebrush, a small lake that hides hidden treasures. Spring fed,this pond has a very deep biomass, starting with chronomids in the spring, scuds, leeches, boatman, and other subsurface food abounds. When the summer comes the Callibaetis hatches are thick, and the Damselfly hatches will go on for almost a month. The clarity of water later in the summer can be fun, having a spotter on the hill directing your casts will give you an extra advantage. On windy days, the flying ants and numerous anthills provide some exciting terrestrial action. Rainbows are the main population, but numerous cutthroats, browns and brookies are caught every year. The bows can reach close to 28 inches, and will test your reel and fish fighting skills. Trophy brook trout in the 20 inch range are caught each year from this lake. Pronghorn Antelope, prairie falcons, and the occasional golden eagle will keep you company throughout the summer while fishing this great mountain lake.

Black Mountain Pond

This high country jewel is located on one of our private Ranches and holds some of the largest trout you will find. Spring fed, and loaded with freshwater shrimp, this still water fishery produces trophy fish like no other. The pond is nestled below Black Mountain, and affords our clients spectacular views of the valley below. Rainbow, brown, brook, cuttbow and cutthroat trout all thrive in this aquatic rich lake. Anglers enjoy awesome dry fly action for monster trout as they inhale adult damsels and other terrestrials off the surface. Weighted streamers can entice the big browns that lurk the depths of this pond. The majority of the trout caught in this water are in the 3-5 pound class, several bigger-pushing the double digit mark, and some just are too big to land!

Grandma’s Pond

Within casting distance of Grandma’s House, you’ll find her pond. This great little pond is full of fat and feisty brookies and rainbows, with an occasional brown and cutt landed too. Tied into the same rich waters throughout the area, this pond offers great fly fishing action all season long. Many of our guests stay at Grandma’s during their time with us, it’s a great house available for rent. You can watch the trout sip bugs off the surface of the pond from the deck of the house! This pond is great for all anglers, but sets up especially well for beginners as the trout are always eager to cooperate here.

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